The night is dark and full of homosexual feelings

So here’s this post

  • Craster being such a fucking creep and like, not at all hitting on Jon but totally hitting on Jon, I cannot have been the only one pissing their pants at that. I thought I was going to die. Nice wet twat. Christ.
  • Speaking of Jon can we talk about Jeor slamming him against that post? Because I saw it happen.
  • Robb and Jaime. And that’s all I have to say. Holy fucking Christ, could not break the tension with a Goddamn dragon alright, and I was suffocating in my need for hatefucking.
  • I still ship Benjen and Mance and no one needs to know that but now you all do. I pretty much just ship whatever my heart desires.
  • BRONN EXISTED. THAT’S ENOUGH FOR ME. Oh God my feels for him and Sandor and Bronn being a sassy bitch sweet fuck. That was beautiful. He was in it for ten seconds and I remembered why I was so in love with my sweet sellsword.
  • Stannis. Oh, my dear, dear Stannis. You have the most faithful servant by your side and you’ve wasted time with that red witch who will lead you to bloody fucking ruin. Just look at your Onion Knight. Look at all he feels for you, all he’d be willing to do. All he does do.
  • And please, Stannis, snap a little harder when someone mentions Renly.
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