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So Renly’s face here, this entire scene from what I’ve glimpsed with me own tiny eyes is just going to be the biggest orgasmfest for me. They’re just both so fucking angry, and they both want the other to bow but neither will. Fucking Baratheon pride, and it does nothing for them. It just…it hurts to see them like this, so intent to hurt one another no matter what. Renly will even take the lowest of barbs to get at Stannis because he’s still so hurt. He’s still that little boy who just wanted to be seen as something great, someone who can rival his brothers in strength rather than surpass them in cleverness.

Because Stannis did worse than ignore him, worse than taunt him. Stannis broke his heart. And what’s worse is he’d be willing, more than willing, to forgive him if Stannis would only ask for it.

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