aperfectline replied to your post: The Borgias and GoT are on tonight I just don’t…

oh no whyyy

Because they’re fucking up fast and picking up speed! Like, literally so many fucking things are just making me furious, and I’m fucking sick and tired of my favorite characters getting shit on when it comes to writing and no one gives a shit because they’re not hawt and they’re not part of the story that they’re particularly interested in—that much I could forgive if the parts they were interested in weren’t fucking shit up in the rest of the goddamn story!

I dunno, maybe I’m just being fucking butthurt about shit that pisses me off but either way I’m sick and fucking tired of this shit happening in every single goddamn show I watch.

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  1. allieash said: That speech they gave Catelyn about Jon Snow being sick, was so much bullshit
  2. aperfectline said: i know that about got, but why borgias?
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