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Charlie Hunnam & Maggie Siff at the Sons of Anarchy s6 premiere (x)

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Maggie Siff and Theo Rossi on the Season Six Premiere of Sons of Anarchy

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Maggie Siff playing with Katey Sagal’s hair, while she backs up to let her do so.
SONS OF ANARCHY Season 2 DVD; Cast Roundtable

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Hey. Hey.


Look at Tommy’s hand.

Not to mention, hot water in trailers. There is more mold than linoleum in my god damn shower.

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Siff has formed a deep bond with her on-screen mother-in-law, Sagal. ”Katey is one of those people you sit down to talk to and you end up telling your entire life story in an hour,” she says. ”It was a quick closeness that formed between us. I have a lot of respect and admiration for her. I also feel like peers now and that she’s a real friend. We’ve kind of lived through a lot already.” [x]

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