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All music and art comes down to love. You just find out how to tell that story. You know how it is when you lose something, and you try your best to hold on to it, but no matter what tricks you come up with, it’s over? You wish it was the way it was before, when you had someone completely in your grasp. And they can just walk away any time because of this free will everybody has. It’s depressing, because it feels like if love is true, and two people at one point can say how in love they are, and then one day one of them just decides, ‘No, I don’t feel that way any more’, and leaves, this person is left thinking, ‘Well, I still feel that way, I thought we both did.’ That’s the oldest story in the book.
—Jack White (ready to make me cry)

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jack white at the 55th annual grammy awards

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