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From the press kit for Sons of Anarchy - Season 4.  Click on pic to read type.

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Juice: What happened to them?

Chibs: Mushroom trip.

Juice: God Dammit! Why I always miss all the good shit?

Sons of Anarchy | 2x11 “Service” | Deleted Scene

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Chibs: Hey, why don’t you pick up some viagra for Juicy Boy? He’ll need it when we go back to County. Keep the black escorts happy.

Juice: How about picking up something for your mouth that helps us understand a single god damn word you’re saying.

Chibs: Funny bastard.

Sons of Anarchy | 3x04 “Home” | Deleted Scene

<3 this scene

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let me lick it better

I love it when you make things.

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