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I’m sorry. I’m so sorry…

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through the seasons
↳ juan carlos “juice” ortiz

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soa bruh bruh

  • M/F OTP: Gemma and her men, sweet fucking bless but I can’t help myself. 
  • M/M OTP: Fuck man i don’t even fuckign have one anymore. Linc/Juice, that’s my fucking final answer
  • F/F OTP: Tara/Wendy they should’ve just fucking run off into the sunset together with their kids and left Jax to jerk off with his tears over his dead daddy’s how-to on fucking everything up 
  • OT3: Juice/Tig/Clay because the dynamic
  • Favorite Canon: Lee/heroin
  • Favorite Crack: Chibs/Not being an asshole
  • Guilty Pleasure: Nero/Juice
  • Pairing Character I Hate: Jax
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Tig + the Teller boys

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Sons of Anarchy Man LoveSeason 6

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